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Not All Government Spending is Created Equal

November 28th, 2011

Not all government spending is created equal. For example, the roughly $300 million that is being spent to build the South Bridge to connect Circle Drive will make transportation more efficient and productive in Saskatoon.  This bridge will make our city more prosperous.

On the other hand, the Liberal long-gun registry cost around $2 billion. The registry was a hindrance to the hunting and guiding industry, all the while tying up police officers with more paper work.

I provide these two examples as an illustration as to why the Conservative government will be cutting some types of spending in the spring.  The federal government still does an enormous amount of wasteful spending, and that’s what we need to start cutting.  So, when someone complains to you that cutting government spending hurts the economy, ask them: What was the economic benefit of the long-gun registry? Then see if they get the point.

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