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Lower Tax Rates

February 22nd, 2010

You have probably started to receive your income tax receipts in the mail. If you’re like me, you aren’t looking forward to the time you will have to spend doing your taxes.
But what if you could do your income tax in 10 minutes on a form the size of a large postcard and pay lower tax rates at the same time?
The idea is called a flat tax. It involves the elimination of all tax deductions in exchange for lower tax rates. Now, I love and use every tax deduction that I can find. But I would give up all my deductions in exchange for lower taxes.
According to a report on the benefits of a flat tax by the Fraser Institute called The Impact and Cost of Taxation in Canada: The Case for Flat Tax Reform, Canadians spend up to $30 billion a year in order to complete their tax returns, including the cost of collecting receipts and preparing returns.
The report states that Canadians would really benefit from a more efficient and taxpayer friendly tax system.
Countries that have reformed their tax systems by implementing a flat tax have experienced “stronger economic growth, higher overall tax receipts, and a generally more robust economy,” according to the Fraser Institute.
Nations and jurisdictions that have adopted flat-tax systems “with extraordinary success” include: Jersey (1940), Hong Kong (1947) and the Czech Republic (2008).
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