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Repealing the Long Gun Registry

February 19th, 2009

The battle to repeal the Long Gun Registry has begun again.  This past week, a Bill to repeal the registry was introduced by Yorkton-Melville MP Garry Breitkreuz.  (I am one of the seconders of this bill.)

Getting Breitkreuz`s Private Members’ Bill passed into law will not be an easy fight. Repealing the gun registry will require 154 votes and the Conservatives have only 143 members. We need the votes of at least 11 Opposition MPs. Preliminary vote counts indicate that we have more than the 11 votes necessary.  However, even if we get 154 votes in favour of Breitkreuz’s bill, there will be a fierce fight in committee and later in the Senate to have the legislation made into law.

So what can you do to help repeal the long gun registry?  There are a number of things that will help:

Write our Saskatchewan senators (3 Liberals and 3 Conservatives). Liberal senators may be prepared to vote against their leadership on this issue because senators are usually freer from the party line in their voting habits. The vote in the Senate over the repeal of the long gun registry will be very tight because neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives will have a majority in the Senate by this autumn.

Write to the three English Canadian party leaders.  Write to the Prime Minister so he keeps the repeal of the gun registry a priority. Write to Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and demand that he give his caucus a free vote on MP Breitkreuz’s Private Members’ Bill to repeal the long gun registry.  Write to NDP leader Jack Layton and demand that he give his MPs a free vote too.  Both Layton and Ignatieff support the long-gun registry. Both leaders would probably bring it back if they were in government. So, we need a handful of their MPs to vote their consciences and support the Conservative legislation.

The battle against the long-gun registry has been going on for over 10 years now. Billions of your tax dollars have been wasted. Law abiding hunters and firearms owners are being treated as potential criminals in the process.   Victory is in sight, however. We can win on this legislation and we can win in this Parliament.

Please contact the Party leaders and Senators mentioned above. Help get the long gun registry repealed. My staff will have all the contact information if you need assistance.

I’m Brad Trost your Member of Parliament in Saskatoon-Humboldt.  You can call my office in Saskatoon at 975-6133 or drop by our two offices to visit: Saskatoon Monday-Friday or Humboldt Tuesday and Wednesday.  I always appreciate your feedback.